Financial Football
7 February 2017
Visa collaborates with the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia to promote financial literacy in the country

Yerevan, 3 February, 2017 – Visa, in partnership with the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia, launched a localized version of Financial Football, a fast-paced, interactive online game that engages students and adults while teaching them money management skills.

FIFA World Cup™- branded video game, Financial Football is a part of Visa’s global initiative to ensure that as individuals gain access to financial services, they do so with a sound understanding of money management.

Features of the game include two options: single player and head-to-head options. The game has three difficulty levels: teens (ages 11–14), high school students (ages 14–18) and adults (ages 18+). With every new Financial Football move, participants are challenged to provide the right answer to multiple-choice questions on concepts of personal finance. With every correct answer, players advance down the field for an attempt to score a goal. In addition to the game modules, the program offers tutorials for teachers, enabling them to use the content in the classroom as well. Each module contains tests and exercises to check players’ knowledge.

“Central Bank of Armenia highlights the importance of financial education. It is also vital to find innovative, creative and attractive ways to channel financial education to especially young people. VISA Financial Football game combines both education and entertainment making learning process even more effective. It is fast-paced, interactive online game which will attract not only youth, but also general public. It will help them to test their knowledge and skills in financial topics and have fun at the same time. CBA cooperates with all stakeholders to provide better financial education projects for different target groups. The Steering Committee of Financial Education is the platform where more than 20 governmental and non-governmental organisations cooperate in order to realize different financial education projects and to increase the level of financial education among population of Armenia. And the National Strategy of Financial Education, approved by the Central Bank and the Government, is the masterplan in this regard. And we are very happy to cooperate also with VISA International and have them as partner in this process”. – said Armenuhi Mkrtchyan, Head of Consumer Protection and Financial Education Center of Central Bank of Armenia.

“The modern world offers multiple financial services and products, and at Visa we think it’s important to empower people with knowledge and skills to help them to be financially prudent when it comes to budgeting, savings or investments. Financial literacy programs will benefit every member of society by helping them gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to make informed financial choices. This is especially necessary for kids as they grow and get ready for adult life. We are happy to support the central bank’s efforts to promote financial education platforms and hope that Financial Football will become a valuable resource for local schools and non-governmental organizations to work with youngsters in the field of financial literacy.” – said Dmytro Krepak, Visa Country Manager in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine.

Financial Football has been used over 5 million times to date and is available in 15 languages and 41 countries, including Ukraine and Belarus in CIS&SEE region. The Armenian version of the Financial Football can be played free at